Who Are The 5 Most Intelligent People In The World?

Every few years, a person surprises us with his or her impressive intellect. Some have been outstanding scientists like Einstein, Newton, and Stephen Hawking.

To determine the level of intelligence a person has, there is something called an Intellectual Quotient (IQ). The following five people have incredibly high IQs, and therefore intelligence.

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The five most intelligent people

Surely you’ve heard the name Terence Tao, who has an IQ of 230. He is considered the smartest person in the world. At age two, he was able to complete basic arithmetic calculations, and by nine years old, already scored a 760 on the math section of the SAT.

Tao completed his Ph.D. at the prestigious Princeton University and now serves as a professor and researcher at UCLA.

In second place is Christopher Hirata with an IQ of 225. At age 14 he entered university and at 16 already worked at NASA, in addition to obtaining a doctorate in Astrophysics at the age of 22.

Kim Ung-Yong comes in third with an IQ of 210. At age two, he already spoke four different languages and taking courses at the university level.

You probably assume that people with high IQs dedicate themselves to mathematics or the sciences, but Rick Rosner deviates from this. With an IQ of 198, he is a TV screenwriter and even worked as a stripper and model.

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