Top 20 Celebs To Follow On Snapchat

So, first things first — how to use Snapchat?
This bit is pretty simple. Just download Snapchat (which you can search in the App Store), create a log in and go! Just click the camera icon and touch (or hold down for a video) the main circular button, then choose someone from the ‘Your Friends’ section and go. Caption optional.


How to follow celebrities on Snapchat?
It’s the same as following other users. All you have to do is tap the ghost icon (that yellow and white thing) which will take you to the main screen and from here click ‘Add Friends’. Type in their Username (which are often in their Instagram or Twitter profiles. They’re often just their name so guess if you’re really desperate). When it appears underneath, tap the plus icon next to the name… And you’re done — you can see their stories!


And now the important things — celebrity snapchat names. Here’s which celebs to follow and why…

1. Khloe Kardashian (Username: khloekardashian)
She’s only just joined, but she’s loving THAT filter

2. Kendall Jenner (Username: kendalljenner)
She’s the newest sleb to Snapchat! We predict great things…

3. Cheryl (Username: ?)
She’s just joined and LOVING IT.

4. Gigi Hadid (Username: itsgigihadid)
Model antics and now Zayn.

5. Kate Hudson (Username: khudsnaps)
She seems like a BLAST.

6. Jennifer Lopez (Username: jlobts)
A behind the scenes of the queen’s life.

7. Rihanna (Username: rihanna)
Make-up tutorials and some excellent hashtagging.

8. Miley Cyrus (Username: mileycyrus)
She so cray.

9. Selena Gomez (Username: selenagomez)
Because she’s a todal fun babe.

10. Hailey Baldwin (Username: haileybisboring)
We a bit want her life.

11. Blake Lively (Username: LivelyBK)
Ryan, babies and just a very nice looking life.


12. Chrissy Teigen (Username: chrissyteigen)
What a babe.

13. Calvin Harris (Username: calvinharris)
His excellent emoji work.

14. Nicole Richie (Username: itsnikkifresh)
Selfies, backstage with Candidly Nicole and updates of that chameleon hair.

15. Jessica Alba (Username: jessicamalba)
Fun behind the scenes vids.

16. Bella Hadid (Username: babybels777)
Generally being fabulous


17. Justin Bieber (Username: rickthesizzler)
The boy lurves to share.

18. Paris Hilton (Username: Realparishilton)
Like The Simple Life but for 2k16.

19. Ariana Grande (Username: ArianaGrande)
We wouldn’t mind being her friend.

20. Kim Kardashian (Username: KimKardashian)
ANOTHER platform to see what the Kardashian bunch is up to – yes, please.




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