The Mystery Of The Bermuda Triangle Solved?

There are many mysteries around the world, but one that has been one of the most curious and bizarre is that of the Bermuda Triangle. This is a region in the Atlantic Ocean where many mysterious disappearances of planes and ships have taken place. What really happens here? Australian scientists Joseph Monaghan and David May claim to have found the explanation for the strange phenomenon of the Bermuda Triangle.

What happens in the Bermuda Triangle?

In a study published in the American Journal of Physics, experts explained that the ships disappear in that area because of its condensation of gases, specifically that of methane, which forms bubbles that prevent the boats from staying afloat.

The bizarre nature of this zone is caused by the cracks in the sea floor that allow the methane to be expelled in the form of giant bubbles that destabilize the buoyancy of the ships that pass through the area. Methane bubbles expand geometrically and any ship within reach of an eruption loses all stability and is immediately sucked to the bottom of the ocean.

Okay, the explanation seems reasonable for the boats, but what about the planes that pass over the Bermuda Triangle? Scientists point out that if the methane eruption is large enough and dense enough, it can reach great heights above sea level, thereby also catching airplanes.

This hypothesis by Australian scientists was proven by experiments that showed an eruption of methane gas can sink a ship, and even catch a plane. This is not the first time that this strange phenomenon has been scientificallyattempted, but these scientists seem to have come up with the solution.

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