Scientology Has Our Celebrities

Giovanni Ribisi

Our source tells us that Giovanni has been hit not only with his daughter’s defection, but also one of his best friends slipping away when Jason Lee moved to Texas and ditched the church. On the other hand, he’s from a legendarily dedicated Scientology family. “He seems to be in a tug of war in his family right now. His grandfather, by the way, is still alive, and he’s not a Scientologist.” At this point, the pro-Scientology forces are probably winning the war, but there’s a small chance Giovanni may follow his daughter out.



Jenna Elfman

“She’s so hard. She’s never getting out. She seems so negative now, and at events she comes off like she’s irritated. Something’s going on with her, but I have no clue what it would be.”



Kirstie Alley

“She’s always been kind of a wacked-out person, and at this point, I think that it’s the only thing that kind of gives her credibility in her own mind. Her career is pretty much no place, she doesn’t need money. So she would really lose it if she didn’t have the stability that the church gives her.”



John Travolta

“When he got the Tarantino movie, I think someone had been working with John on an admin scale to help him work his career out,” our source says, referring to an L. Ron Hubbard concept about how to organize work. “So he’s been convinced that his successes have come from L. Ron Hubbard, and he keeps himself in a bubble. He’s convinced that every time his career has had some big success, it’s because he was using some kind of Scientology. And that’s a really hard mindset to get out of.” We told our source that we felt the same way about Travolta, and that for a long time we’ve discounted the “blackmail” theory that so many people seem to ascribe to. They believe that if John left, Scientology would spill secrets about his sex life and his reputed preference for men. But after the lawsuits from massage therapists in recent years, what more is there to know? We think the blackmail angle is overblown, and our source agreed. “The blackmail thing? No. That’s not what keeps him in. Nobody cares. If he was open about his sex life, no one, even in Hollywood, would care. The blackmail thing is not a real issue. Blackmail would only make him resentful, and he’s not resentful. He’s just convinced that every success he’s had comes from Scientology, and it’s the positive things he believes he’s gotten from it that keep him from believing any criticism of it.”



Tom Cruise

At first, our source gave us a whole list of things that he believed should be motivating Tom Cruise to reassess his commitment to Scientology, not the least of which is his non-existent relationship with his own daughter, Suri. But motivations are one thing, real progress is another. Pressed for an answer, our source admitted that despite having so many reasons to turn his back on Scientology leader David Miscavige, Tom Cruise just doesn’t seem capable of doing it. Part of it, he says, is that things are just too good for Tom as Scientology’s top celebrity. “They give him whatever he wants, including people. They get him all his staffing,” he says. Cruise also seems fully bought in to Scientology’s more esoteric teleological beliefs: Tom Cruise and David Miscavige really do consider themselves the two most important human beings on Earth, and the rest of us, at least those of us not working to “Keeping Scientology Working,” are deluded, degraded beings living on a prison planet. Even after the revelations that his best pal David Miscavige is spying on him, manipulating his relationships, and even laughs at his sexual problems behind his back, Cruise seems utterly dedicated to the cause. “I think it’s going to take something pretty catastrophic in his career or his life for things to change, something that he just can’t ignore.”


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