Megyn Kelly’s SHOCK Announcement Has Consequences

Back in January, Megyn Kelly shocked her fans by abruptly leaving Fox News to sign a deal with NBC News. Since then, she has been forced to stay out of the public eye, as she was still bound by her Fox contract.

Now, however, it appears Kelly is free to do as she pleases. Variety reported that a source said that Kelly is now free from her contract with Fox and can appear on NBC whenever she pleases.

However, unfortunately Megyn Kelly has been a complete bust since making the jump from FOX News to NBC. The former darling of America’s most mainstream conservative network lied about Roger Ailes and went after Donald Trump. Now, thanks to low ratings, Kelly may be getting the boot very soon.

Kelly took to her Twitter page to announce that she would be enjoying a brief vacation (via Megyn Kelly via Twitter). Many are openly speculating that NBC plans on firing Kelly. (via Newsweek).



Kelly’s terrible ratings speak for themselves.

At best, Kelly’s programs have only managed to draw in about three million viewers. Even her well-publicized interview with Infowars leader Alex Jones only brought in 3.6 million viewers.

This interview is key to understanding Kelly’s precipitous fall from grace.

The ever-cagey Jones suspected that Kelly was setting him up for a “hit job” by interviewing him. Therefore, Jones pre-empted the debut of his interview with Kelly by releasing the tape of his full telephone conversation with Kelly before the interview.

The silver-tongued Kelly claimed that her interview would not be a “gotcha hit piece.” Kelly similarly promised Jones that she would not bring up his thoughts about the Sandy Hook massacre of 2012 (via YouTube).

The final piece aired by NBC was the very opposite of what Kelly promised Jones. Infowars essentially got ahead of bad publicity by exposing Kelly as a liar and a manipulator who used clever editing to make Jones appear like a raving maniac.

Infowars followed up this scope by publishing investigative information that directly countered one of the more sensational accusations made during Kelly’s “gotcha hit piece” on Jones.

Neil Heslin, one of the father’s of the Sandy Hook victims, made a claim about his son’s death on Kelly’s program that directly went against the official testimony of the coroner assigned to the case (via YouTube).

All told, Kelly’s fiasco with Jones, coupled with his embarrassing back-and-forth exchanges with Trump during the 2016 campaign, have helped to discredit her as a rising star in investigative journalism.

Kelly’s failing numbers are just further proof that the American public no longer trusts devious operators like her. Unfortunately for Kelly, FOX News has no interest in rehiring her if NBC terminates her contract.

It is safe to say that no matter what happens to Kelly in the coming weeks, the light has gone out of her star.





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